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Condition is considered to be "very good" or better, unless noted otherwise. Many, but not all prints have the accompanying text as published in the original magazine or its annual Album. Please feel free to inquire as to the availability of the text for a particular image.

Click on any underlined title to see digital image of print. Contact us to have a digital image uploaded of any print not already illustrated.

Any prints which are unpriced are in our inventory but are currently being conserved. Please feel free to contact us for further information.


Henri Rochefort.
Coide. January 22, 1870. "La Voyoucratie" [Illustrated above] $45
Algernon Borthwick.
Ape. June 17, 1871. "The Morning Post." $45
Mr. Edward Miall, M.P.
Ape. July 29, 1871. "The Nonconformist." $45
William Henry Smith, M.P.
March 9, 1872. "Newspapers." $45
Mr. H.M. Stanley.
November 2, 1872. "He found Livingstone." $95
Baron Paul Julius Reuter.
December 14, 1872. "Telegrams." $45

The Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry.
January 25, 1873. "The Governing Classes." $45
Mr. Edward Levy.
Spy. March 22, 1873. "The Daily Telegraph." $45
Mr. James Johnstone.
Ape. February 14, 1874. "The Standard." $45
William Howard Russell, LL.D.
Ape. January 16, 1875. "Our War correspondence." $45
George Augustus Sala.
Ape. September 25, 1875. "Journalism." $45
Tom Taylor.
Spy. March 11, 1876. "Punch." $45
Archibald Forbes.
Ape. January 5, 1878. "Thorough." $45

Earl Dunraven and Mount-Earl, K.P.
Ape. May 4, 1878. "active." $45
Edmund Hodgson Yates.
Spy. November 16, 1878. "The World." $45
John Morley.
Ape. November 30, 1878. "The Fortnightly Review." $45
Frederick Greenwood.
Ape. June 19, 1880. "He created 'The Pall Mall Gazette.'" $45
John Walter, M.P.
Spy. September 10, 1881. "The Times." $45
Francis C. Burnand.
Ape. January 8, 1881. "Punch." $45
James Gordon Bennett.
Nemo. November 15, 1884. "New York Herald." $55

Mr. T.H.S. Escott.
Ape. May 2, 1885. "the Fortnightly Review." $45
Sir Edward Robert Sullivan, Bart.
Ape. June 13, 1885. "common-sense in politics." $45
Mr. Opfer, of Blowitz.
Ape. August 29, 1885. "The Times." $45
Thomas Power O'Connor, M.A., M.P.
Spy. February 25, 1888. "Tay Pay." $45
Thomas Gibson Bowles.
Spy. July 13, 1889. "Tommy." $65
Monsieur de Blowitz.
Guth. December 7, 1889. "'The Times' in Paris." $55


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