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German edition bird prints after
Mark Catesby & George Edwards


Seligmann 8Seligman 75Seligmann pl. 86Seligman plate 99

Bird prints by Johann Michael Seligmann after Mark Catesby and George Edwards. From Sammlung verschiedener auslandischer und seltener Vogel.... Nurnberg, 1749-76. On sheets ca. 15 x 10. Etchings. Original hand coloring. Some minor marginal blemishes. Overall, very good condition. Denver.

Johann Michael Seligmann, a German publisher, issued a nine volume compilation of the work of the Englishmen Mark Catesby (1683-1749) and George Edwards (1694-1773). Catesby has been called the "Founder of American Ornithology" because of his monumental Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands (London, 1731-43), the first natural history of American flora and fauna. This work would included 220 prints which for the first time systematically illustrated American birds, animals and plants. Edwards was, like Catesby, one of the pioneers of natural history documentation and is known as the "Father of British Ornithology." His marvelous A Natural History of Birds (London: 1743-51) was produced almost single-handedly: Edwards not only wrote the text for the book but also made the drawings, etched the plates and hand colored the prints to be bound in each volume. Seligmann began issuing his ambitious series just a few years after Edwards and Catesby each published their landmark works; the text was translated into German by Georg Leonhard Huth, and Seligmann produced all new plates based on the images of the two Englishmen. In bringing these masterworks to the continental audience, Seligmann has earned himself a rightful place in natural history circles, and his charming prints, reflecting well on their sources, stand on their own as another respected source for 18th-century natural history documentation.

After Mark Catesby

Seligman plate 116

After George Edwards

Seligman plate 91


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