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Papillons by Eugène Alain Séguy


Prints by Eugène Alain Séguy. From Papillons. Paris: Tolmer, 1928. Pochoir. 17 1/2 x 12 3/4. Very good condition.

Prints from one of the most spectacular and famous Art Deco works, E.A. Séguy's portfolio of 20 vibrant pochoir prints illustrating designs based on the pattern of butterflies. Seguy wanted to use his artistic skill to glorify the sublime beauty of nature. The breathtaking patterns used by Séguy are scientifically accurate renderings of the patterns on real butterflies from around the work, but magnified and then composed into abstract patterns in Séguy's inimitable style, creating what he called a 'world of sumptuous forms and colors.' His intent was to provide a record of exotic butterfly specimens as an inspiration for decorative art designers. Sixteen of the plates show designs composed of between five and six butterflies and four of the plates are compositions formed out of repeated parts of the butterfly designs. The depth and vibrancy of the colors adds a sumptuous quality to these spectacular and unique images. Séguy produced eleven portfolios of designs, often based on images from the natural world, but the set of Papillons is acknowledged as his most glorious work.

Title Page
Title page. Denver. $750
Plate 7
Plate 7. Denver. $950
Plate 18
Plate 18. Denver. $950
Plate 20
Plate 20. Denver. $750

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