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Stonewall Jackson
William Sartain. "Lieut. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson and His Family. ('Stonewall Jackson')." Philadelphia: Bradley & Co., 1866. Mezzotint by Wm. Sartain. 14 x 19 (image on backing sheet 17 3/4 x 22). Printed designation "proof" in lower right corner. Wide margins and strong impression. Very good condition. A fine copy of a very scarce print.

This exquisite engraving of Stonewall Jackson and his family was engraved and printed in the year after hostilities ended, primarily for the southern market. His widow and orphaned, doll-like child are with him surrounding an empty vase to recollect and represent the fallen hero of the Confederacy. Jackson's right hand is on a bible to invoke memories of his stern Presbyterian life in military matters as well as at home. On the wall behind the family are images of Robert E. Lee, John C. Calhoun, and George Washington -great men who provided background impetus for Jackson's achievements. This print was beautifully mezzotinted by William Sartain, who along with his father John, was the foremost American practitioner of this elaborate printmaking process for the production of historical prints. The print was Ref.: The Confederate Image, p. 127. $1,800

Portrait by William Sartain: Mezzotint portrait published by Sartain ca. 1868. A strong impression and in very good condition.

One of a series of handsome portraits produced in mezzotint by William Sartain shortly after the Civil War. These handsome portraits would have been framed and hung in many homes throughout the United States, both North and South.


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