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Historical prints by the Sartain Family

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Schussele: How We Won the Battle
Christian Schussele. "How We Won The Battle." Philadelphia: Bradley & Co., 1865. 10 1/2 x 15 3/4. Mezzotint and engraving by John Sartain. Full margins. Very good condition.

A touching image of a Civil War veteran recounting "How We Won The Battle" to a group of women, (including a grieving widow), children, and one older man. The absence of young men is telling, and the soldier's lost leg and crutches poignant. A moving tableau, the print also shows much of the middle class American home: furniture, textiles, a portrait of George Washington, a newspaper on the floor, and an almanac tied to the window ledge. This image was based on a painting by Sartain's friend, the noted Philadelphia artist Christian Schussele. $400

Samuel B. Waugh. "Lincoln and his Family." Philadelphia: Bradley & Co., 1866. 17 1/2 x 24 3/4 (image) 22 x 27 3/4 (full sheet). Mezzotint with engraving by William Sartain. Printed by Irwin & Sartain. Very good condition. Holzer et al., The Lincoln Image, Fig. 80. Denver.

This is one of most famous prints of Lincoln, a family portrait based on a painting of Samuel B. Waugh and engraved by William Sartain. This print was copied by many other nineteenth century print publishers, but none equaled the quality of this rich engraving. Lincoln is shown with his two sons and wife surrounded by elegant furnishings of the White House. The family is grouped around a covered table, upon which lie two books, including the Bible. Lincoln and Tad sit to the left, and above Lincoln's right shoulder is a bust of George Washington, linking the martyred president with the 'father of the nation.' Outside the draped window is the outline of the Capitol dome, completed during Lincoln's terms. Mary Lincoln sits to the right, and Robert stands in the center between his parents. Over Robert's shoulder is a portrait of William Lincoln, who had died in 1862. At the time of its issue, this print was thought of as a first class example of print making, selling for as much as $20 for an artist's proof, and $7.25 for a regular print. As Holzer, et al. remark, "In its day, the Sartain engraving was considered the best print portrait of the Lincoln family." (p. 171) $950

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