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Battle of Rich Mountain

The opposing forces in western Virginia continued to have clashes in the summer of 1861. On July 11th, General William S. Rosecrans won the Battle of Rich Mountain, forcing the Confederate troops under General Robert S. Garnett to retreat. General George B. McClellan was in overall charge of the Union forces in the region, but he showed a reluctance to attack (a trait that would resurface time and again as the war went on).

Battle of Rich Mountain
"The Battle of Rich Mountain, Virginia, July 13, 1861." From Harper's Weekly. New York, July 27, 1861. 9 x 13 3/4. Wood engraving. Very good condition. $55

"Part of West Virginia / Sketch of fight at Rich Mountain, W.Va.., July 12th, 1861 / Camp Garnett / Rich Mt. Battle-Field, July 11, 1861 plus 3 views of Charleston, S.C. and vicinity." From the U.S. War Department's Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Washington: Gov't. Printing Office, 1891-95. Lithographed map, with some highlight color. Double folio size. NB: The maps from this atlas are printed on brittle paper, so there are often short tears. Otherwise, the maps are in very good condition.

Richard Stephenson has written, "This is the most detailed atlas yet published on the Civil War. It consists of reproductions of maps compiled by both Union and Confederate soldiers." [Stephenson, Civil War Maps, p 99.] The maps show many of the events of the Civil War with great detail, including topography, troop placements and movements, and other information of interest. These are the best near contemporary maps available of many of these battles, sieges, and other events of this conflict. $60
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