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Presidential Portraits


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Please note that though we try to keep these pages up to date, we may have other Presidential portraits not listed here.
Please contact us if you would like a current list of any President, and also visit our page of small portraits.

Group Images

Nathaniel Currier's 1844 Presidential Group

The Gale listing includes six versions of Currier's popular group portrait issued in 1844, each showing Polk as "President Elect." The following are hand colored, small folio prints issued by N. Currier in 1844. Each shows Washington, just above an image of the Declaration of Independence, and surrounded by the following ten Presidents.

Currier & Ives. [The first eleven presidents depicted individually with a single extra print celebrating them.] All twelve in early nineteenth century frames typical of those fashioned by N. Currier and C. Ives. Stone lithography with water colors. Small folios. To 1845. All prints stable. Framed with archival materials.

An impressive array of portraits of the first eleven presidents from Washington to James K. Polk who in 1845 was "President Elect" about to begin his presidency as the administration that added more square miles to the lands of the United States than any other administration before or since. Acquiring this collection required a previous owner to assemble this set over a twenty five year period. Some such as Washington, John Adams, and Jackson are numerous, but others such as J.Q. Adams, Van Buren and Harrison are scarcer. The twelfth and key print features the signing of the Declaration of Independence in the center. The set $6,800

Presidents thru Taylor
"Presidents of the United States." New York: Ensigns & Thayer, 1848. Also Buffalo: D. Needham, Cincinnati: Rufus Blanchard and Boston: Joseph War. 28 3/4 x 20 1/2. Wood engraving. Original hand color. Some chipping at edges and light spots, but overall, very good condition. Framed to museum standards. Denver.

A rare survival of a broadside print by the Ensigns & Thayer Company of New York. Ensigns and Thayer (previously Phelps, Ensigns & Thayer) were publishers of separately issued, wood engraved broadsides like this, intended for display in public places, schools and homes. These broadsides were issued quickly as events of interest to the general public occurred, and they included maps, portraits, scenes and text, all combed into decorative and informative prints which are of as much interest today as they must have been when issued. The ephemera nature of these broadsides makes them very scarce, especially in as good condition as this example. This broadside was issued shortly after the election of Zachary Taylor (illustrated in the bottom right), for whom Ensigns & Thayer had done a number of other broadsides the year before during his campaign. Portraits of the Presidents are surrounded by patriotic symbols and vignettes, including the Declaration of Independence. $2,100

Presidents, First Century
"Presidents Of The United States Of America, First Century." Washington: T.S. Arthur & Son., 1876. Engraving by J.R. Rice. 14 1/4 x 22 7/8. Strong impression. Very good condition.

A striking group portrait of the Presidents of the United States issued at the time of the Centennial. This engraving, with the images based "From Authentic Portraits," was issued in Washington, D.C. and it distinctively celebrates the Chief Executives of the "First Century." 18 oval portraits are laid out on an engraved background and the quality of the engraving, with the rich impression, makes this gallery a most impressive decorative as well as historical document. Facsimile signatures of the Presidents are placed below the image. We have not found any reference to this print, nor have we seen it before, so it is rare as it is wonderful. $950

America's Greatest Patriots
"America's Greatest Patriots." Chicago: Kurz & Allison, [1890]-1891. Ca 16 1/2 x 22. Lithograph. Very good condition.

On September 6, 1901, a third President, William McKinley, was shot and killed in Buffalo, New York. This print, by the Chicago firm of Kurz & Allison, is an updated version of the print above, with McKinley now joining the pantheon of Washington, Lincoln and Garfield. $575

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