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Annales de Pomologie Belge et Etrangère;... by Alexandre Joseph Désiré Bivort


Alexandre Joseph Désiré Bivort. Prints from Annales de Pomologie Belge et Etrangere;.... Brussels: Commision Royale de Pomologie, 1854. Large Quarto. Lithographs with original hand coloring. Full margins.

This rich and varied collection of fruit prints was published during one of the great periods of natural history illustration. Each generous image shows a cutting from the appropriate tree, with the plump, ripe fruit prominently centered. The group contains a wide variety of species, from deep purple plums and figs, full and luscious pears and peaches, to bright red cherries and abundant bunches of grapes. Antique fruit prints are considerably more rare than floral works, and these finely lithographed and densely colored prints are some of the most striking examples we have seen.

Prune de Monsieur, Jaune
"Prune de Monsieur, Jaune." $250
Smeling Beauty, Bunkers Hill, Trusbandmann
"Smeling Beauty. Bunkers Hill. Trusbandmann." $225
Bergamotte Crassane
"Bergamotte Crassane." $275
Beurre Gris
"Beurre Gris." $300
St. Germain Panache
"St. Germain Panache." $275
Neflier a Gros Fruit
"Neflier a Gros Fruit." $225
Comte de Flandres
"Comte de Flandres." $250
With blemish near title. $250

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