Panorama of Pittsburgh

Addenda and Corrigendum


A Panorama of Pittsburgh: Nineteenth-Century Printed Views, by Christopher W. Lane, is the catalogue for the excellent exhibit at the Frick Art & Historical Center (June 28 to October 5, 2008). It includes color illustrations of more than 130 exhibition images and a thematic essay putting those printed views into the context of the history of Pittsburgh and of American nineteenth-century prints. However, this work was conceived as more than simply an exhibition catalogue, and so it includes comprehensive information on all nineteenth-century Pittsburgh views and viewmakers.

Included in the book are:

It is, of course, practically impossible for any list to be completely comprehensive, and so it is inevitable that nineteenth-century printed views of Pittsburgh not listed in Panorama of Pittsburgh will turn up. Indeed, it was one of the intended results of the Frick's exhibit and catalogue to help bring previously unknown views of Pittsburgh to the light of day.

As Panorama of Pittsburgh was conceived as a long-term scholarly source on the topic, we will maintain this reference site in order to note any discovered errors and to document any prints not included in the book's listing. We request that anyone who has a nineteenth-century printed view of Pittsburgh not listed in Panorama of PIttsburgh to send to us information on that print. Please send your information to Please do not send any digital images until you have first contacted us.






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