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Folio views from Harper's Weekly (1859-1879)

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Harper's Weekly was a New York based newspaper in the last half of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. In weekly issues, Harper's presented a mixture of news stories, gossip, poetry, and most notably, wood-engraved illustrations. These pictures remain one of the best sources for lively, informative images of nineteenth-century America. With photographs in a primitive stage, and no television, it is through these illustrations that much of the country got its visual information about the events, personalities and places of the time. These illustrations are also among the few sources we have today for 19th century activities, events et al. Major artists were employed to do drawings on the spot, which were then turned into lively and detailed prints in an amazingly short period of time. While originally issued in large numbers, few have survived in good condition. These are interesting, historical and very collectible prints.

April Fool's Day "April-Fool's Day in New York, Opposite the Astor House." March 30, 1861. $40

Metropolitan Fair "Ladies in Attendance in Regulation Costume at the Metropolitan Fair." April 23, 1864. $40

Wall Street, New York After photo by William B. Austin. "Wall Street, New York." June 23, 1866. Light stain at top right margin. Else, very good condition. $75

Election Returns C.G. Bush. "Election Returns --- Scene in Front of the New York 'Tribune' Office at Midnight, November 6-7." November 24, 1866. $40

Broadway, February 1868
W.S.L. Jewett. "Broadway, February, 1868." February 15, 1868. $50

THe Streets of New York
Charles G. Bush. "The Streets of New York." March 14, 1868. $50

Up Among the Nineties Thos. Hogan. "Up Among the Nineties." August 15, 1868. $40

Prospeck Park, Brooklyn
H. Fenn. "Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York." September 12, 1868. $55

Broad Street During the Panic After photograph by Rockwood. "Broad Street during the Panic." October 11, 1873. $75

Chinese in New York Winslow Homer. "The Chinese in New York -- Scene in a Baxter Street Club-House." March 7, 1874. B210. $125

Mission School C.S. Reinhart. "A City Mission School." April 11, 1874. $30

Blackwell's Island Regamey. "Blackwell's Island - Prisoners' Meals: Before - Taking Bread; After - Leaving Spoons." March 11, 1876. $65

Women's Hotel, Exterior[and] Women's Hotel, Interior Theo R. Davis & G.W. Pach. "The Women's Hotel." April 13, 1878. $90 for the pair

Circular Yacht in Prospect Park Charles Menti. "Circular Yacht in Prospect Park, Brooklyn." July 27, 1878. 6 3/4 x 9 3/8". $50

Elevated Railroad, Franklin Square Theo R. Davis. "The New York Elevated Railroad --- View in Franklin Square." September 7, 1878. $45

Washington Market Granville Perkins. "At Washington Market, New York." September 14, 1878. $40


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