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General Nathaniel Lyon

Nathaniel Lyon
Alonzo Chappel. "N. Lyon." New York: Johnson, Fry & Co., 1861. Ca. 6 x 4. Steel engraving. Very good condition.

A portrait of Lyon sitting in front of his camp tent by Alonzo Chappel, an historical painter and illustrator. Born in New York in 1828, Chappel studied at the National Academy and exhibited at the American Institute before he was seventeen. He lived his whole life in the New York City vicinity before his death in 1887. He is mainly known as an illustrator of historical books; the majority of these concerning the American Revolution and the Civil War. In this case, Chappel based the portrait on a photograph, adding the details to make the portrait more interesting. $45

Gen. Lyons
Brig.-General Nathaniel Lyon. From Prang's Officers of our Union Army and Navy. Their Lives, Their Portraits. Boston: L. Prang & Co., 1862. Lithograph Ca. 3 1/2 x 2 1/2. Very good condition. Denver.

A rare portrait of Lyon from an unusual series of small portraits of Union officers issued early in the Civil War by Louis Prang from Boston, better known for his later chromolithographs. The title page says that this was "Vol. 1" and Prang talks in the preface about future volumes, requesting officers to send him photographs and biographies, but this was the only volume issued. Based on a photograph, this portrait comes with a short biography, which Prang says was supplied either by the subject himself or "their intimate acquaintances and person friends." $45
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"N. Lyon." Ca. 1862. Steel engraving. Ca. 6 x 5. Very good condition.

This strong bust portrait includes a small vignette view of St. Louis at bottom. $45

Nathaniel Lyon
"Nathl. Lyon. Brig. Genl. U.S.A. Killed at the Battle of Springfield Mo. Aug. 10 1861." Cincinnati: Ehrgott, Forbriger & Co., ca. late 1861. Folio, ca. 12 1/2 x 9 1/2. Lithographs by Ehrgott, Forbriger & Co. Very good condition.

Perhaps in late 1861, but certainly by mid-1862, Ehrgott, Forbriger & Co. began to issue a series of portraits of Civil War figures: politicians as well as military and naval officers. These prints, which the firm continued to issue at least as late as 1864, were in many ways similar to the portraits issued by other firms such as Currier & Ives. This print, showing the Union hero General Lyon, was likely issued shortly after his death in August 1861. $275
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