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Maps of North Dakota Counties and Townships from
D.W. Ensign &s Co.'s
Plat Book of Grand Forks, Walsh and Pembina Counties

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County and township maps from D.W. Ensign &s Co.'s Plat Book of Grand Forks, Walsh and Pembina Counties. Chicago: D.W. Ensign & Co., 1893. Cerographs. All 9 x 18 unless otherwise mentioned. Original color. Slight spotting and marginal tearing on all maps, otherwise good condition unless otherwise noted. Denver.

As the population, transportation network, and industries of North Dakota developed in the second half of the nineteenth century, there was a great need for better maps of the various counties. This was satisfied by this fine atlas of three counties in northwestern North Dakota issued just before the turn of the century. Each county is shown with its major topographical and social features, with maps of each township and the cities and towns of the region as well.

Maps of Grand Forks County

Maps of Walsh County

Maps of Pembina County

Images from the same Atlas

Relief half tones from the same Atlas. All good condition unless otherwise noted.

We also have numerous images of local farms and businesses from the area. Please contact us if you would like more information.


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