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Battle of Mill Spring

Also: Battle of Logan's Crossroads

One of the major battles of early 1862, General George H. Thomas was able to drive General Felix Zollicoffer's Confederate troops back across the Cumberland River, thus establishing Union control of central Kentucky. More than that, Zollicoffer was killed and the Confederate troops were routed, fleeing back to Tennessee, ruining their overall commander, General George B. Crittenden's reputation.

Battle of Mill Spring
"The Battle of Somerset, Or Mill Spring, Kentucky, January 19, 1862." From Harper's Weekly. New York, February 8, 1862. Double page, 14 x 20. Wood engraving. Very good condition.

A double-page image from Harper's Weekly was issued just a few weeks after the battle. $60

Sentry at Mill Creek
"The Picket of the Tenth Indiana Regiment Discovering the Approach of the Rebels at Mill Spring, Kentucky." From Harper's Weekly. New York, February 8, 1862. Cover illustration, 9 x 10 3/4. Wood engraving. Very good condition.

A wonderfully dramatic image showing a picket realizing that the Confederates were about to attack. This is a fine example of the best of the Harper's war output. $35

Currier Ives Mill Springs
"Battle of Mill Spring, Ky. Jan. 19th. 1862." New York: Currier & Ives, 1862. Small folio. 8 1/4 x 12 3/4. Lithograph. Original hand color. Very good condition. C:412.

A wonderfully dramatic image of the "Terrific bayonet charge of the 9th Ohio Volunteers (Col. McCook) and total defeat of the Rebel army under Genl. Zollicofer by the Gallant Soldiers of the West." The New York firm of Currier & Ives issued hand-colored lithographs as soon as they could after report of battles (especially Union victories) reached New York. Their images were based mostly on the verbal report and so were essentially made-up images intended more as a proud memento then an accurate depiction. This image shows a straight row of fierce Union troops charging a completely routed Confederate line. $450

Battle of Mill Creek
Alonzo Chappel. "Battle of Mill Creek." From Battles of the United States by Sea and Land. New York: Johnson, Fry & Co., ca. 1865. 5 3/8 x 7. Steel engraving. Very good condition.

A striking image of the Union attack on the Confederate lines(using another name for the battle) by historical painter Alonzo Chappel and issued shortly after the war. JT OUT ON APPROVAL

Mill Springs
F.O.C. Darley. "Battle Near Mill Springs, KY." From The Great Civil War. New York: Virtue & Co, 1862. Steel engraving. Very good condition.

A nice print showing the climatic moment of the battle, where the confused General Zollicoffer was shot by a Union officer. This was the turning point of the battle. The image was drawn by noted American artist F.O.C. Darley. $75

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