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McKenney & Hall's
History of the Indian Tribes of North America
-Octavo Edition-

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Prints from Thomas L. McKenney and James Hall's The History of the Indian Tribes of North America. Philadelphia, 1842-70. Octavo; paper ca. 10 1/2 x 6 1/2. Lithographs with original hand coloring. Very good condition, unless noted otherwise.

A colorful series of prints from the octavo version of the McKenney & Hall History of the Indian Tribes of North America. These prints document an important part of American history, the great leaders of the Indian nations that have disappeared since the mid-19th century. Originally issued in large folio size, McKenney had the images redrawn to a more practical and affordable octavo size.

Most of the prints offered here are from the early editions (1842-58), published either by J.T. Bowen or D. Rice & A.N. Hart. Those noted as "RR" were issued by Rice, Rutter & Co. between 1865 and 1870.

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James D. Horan. The McKenney-Hall Portrait Gallery of American Indians. New York, 1972 or 1986 reprint. Cloth. Contains color reproductions of the first edition's plates, biographical sketches of its subjects, and an historical account of its author and publication. $150.00


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