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Philadelphia Print Shop West June 2013 will be "map month" at the Philadelphia Print Shop West. We moved into our new gallery at the beginning of the year and to celebrate that move, we will be mounting an exhibit of important maps of North America, with special emphasis on those relating to the exploration and development of the American West.

The exhibit will feature maps showing the early exploration of the West, including a number with geographic myths prominent. Also on display will be maps showing the rapidly changing political situation in the trans-Mississippi West during the nineteenth century, including some showing territories which never existed. Maps from as early as the seventeenth century to the early twentieth century will document the understanding of the United States at different periods, offering a feast for the mind as well as the eyes.

The exhibit will begin on June first and will run through the entire month, Monday through Saturday, 10 to 5.

Go to current listing of available maps of the American West

Besides the map exhibit, The Philadelphia Print Shop will be holding some map related events.

Please email the The Philadelphia Print Shop West or call (303) 322-4757 to make a reservation.

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