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Alfred Malherbe's Woodpeckers


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Prints from Alfred Malherbe's Monographie des Picidées. Drawing by Mesnel, Delahaye & Oudart. Metz: A. Malherbe, 1861. Folio. Lithographs. Full original hand color. Full margins. Excellent condition.

A series of striking prints of woodpeckers from Malherbe's rare monograph on the species. This scholarly work is a comprehensive study on woodpeckers from around the world. It contained 123 illustrations based on Malherbe's work and drawn by Mesnel, Delahaye and Oudart. The prints are beautifully lithographed and hand tinted with vibrant colors. Only between 80 and 100 sets were ever produced, so these delightful prints are as rare as they are attractive.

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