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Popular Lithographs by the
Kellogg brothers of Hartford

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History of firms:

From about 1830 through the rest of the century, the Kellogg brothers, in various partnerships among themselves and with others, published popular lithographs in Hartford, Connecticut. These firms issued the second largest number of decorative prints intended for the American public, surpassed only by their New York rivals, Currier & Ives, producing thousands of lithographs, most hand-colored, which ended up in the homes and work places of Americans. The Kelloggs' prints were typical of the popular print style: colorful, affordable and with images covering much the same range of topics as those of their New York counterpart. Subjects included portraits, historical events, scenes of daily life, views, religious themes, politics, sports, animals, sentimental images and any other topic that might be of interest to the American public.

The Connecticut Historical Society Museum, which holds the largest collection of Kellogg prints, is conducting an ambitious project to compile a complete chronological list of all the prints issued by the Kelloggs between 1830 and 1900, and to produce a major publication about their work. The CHS has published a superb reference on the firm, edited by Nancy Finlay, Curator of Graphics. Entitled Picturing Victorian America: Prints by the Kellogg Brothers of Hartford, Connecticut, this is the definitive reference on the Kelloggs. Nancy is continuing to conduct primary research on the firm and is trying to locate additional resources, including prints and documents, in public and private collections throughout the United States.


List of prints:

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"Home and Friends." Hartford: E.C. Kellogg and Buffalo: Horace Thayer. 8 1/4 x 12 1/4. Stock number 178. $350

Portraits & Names

Kellogg: Queen Victoria
"Queen Victoria." Hartford and New York: E.B. & E.C. Kellogg. 11 7/8 x 8 5/8. Original ahnd color. $275

"George Washington." Hartford and New York: E.B. and E.C. Kellogg, and Buffalo: D. Needham, 1847. 11 1/4 x 8 1/2. Original hand color. Very good condition. Stock number 320. JT OUT ON APPROVAL

"Washington, First In War, First In Peace And First In The Hearts Of His Countrymen." Hartford: E.B. & E.C. Kellogg. 11 7/8 x 8 1/2. Original hand color. Time toned; small spots in margins. In period frame. $325

"Henry Clay." Hartford: E.B. & E.C. Kellogg; New York: Kelloggs & Thayer; Buffalo: D. Needham, ca. 1844. 11 x 8 3/4. Lithograph with original hand color. Wide margins. Stain at top margin edge, not affecting image. Overall, very good condition. $250

"Abraham Lincoln, Sixteenth President of the United States." Hartford: E.B. & E.C. Kellogg; New York: Geo. Whiting; 1860. 11 1/8 x 8 1/8. Lithograph with original hand color. Very good condition. [Beardless Lincoln] $1,800

Name prints:

None currently available.


"Capture of Fort Henry, Tenn. By the Federal Gunboats under Flag-Officer A.H. Foote, February 6, 1862." Hartford & New York: E.B. & E.C. Kellogg, ca. 1862. Small folio. 8 3/4 x 13. Original hand color. $450

"Terrific Engagement at Pittsburg Landing, Tenn., April 6th 7th 1862." Hartford & New York: E.B. & E.C. Kellogg, ca. 1862. Small folio. 8 3/4 x 13. Original hand color. Some soiling in margins; bottom margin trimmed close to title. 325


Caldwell, Lake George
"Caldwell, (Lake George.)" New York: Kellogg & Thayer, and Hartford: E.B. & E.C. Kellogg, ca. 1846-47. 8 x 11 1/2. Small folio. Lithograph. Original hand color. Narrow margins. Good condition. $175


None currently available.


"Christ Blessing Little Children." Hartford & New York: E.B. & E.C. Kellogg. 11 1/8 x 8 1/8. Original hand color. Light soiling in margins. Else, very good condition. $125

"The Prodigal Son Returned To His Father." Hartford: E.B. & E.C. Kellogg and New York: Kelloggs & Thayer and Buffalo: D Needham. 11 3/4 x 8 1/2. Original hand color. Title and imprint somewhat smeared (in printing) Very good condition. $165


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