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Jamieson's Celestial Maps, 1822

Jamieson: Cygnus XIJamieson: pl. X, Vulpecula et al.

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By Alexander Jamieson. From A Celestial Atlas Comprising A Systematic Display of the Heavens. London: G. & W.B. Whittaker, [Febr. 1, 1822]. Second edition, Sept. 1822. Images: 7 x 9. Engravings. Hand color unless otherwise indicated. Full margins. Very good condition.

A handsome series of engraved celestial maps with attractive hand coloring. These sky charts were drawn by Alexander Jamieson, stated on the title page to be "Author of a Grammar of Logic & Intellectual Philosophy, Rhetoric & Polite Literature &c." Jamieson's maps were based primarily on the work of Johann Elert Bode, though Jamieson is insistent that his maps are improved from Bode's. The charts contain primarily depictions of stars visible to the naked eye, with the constellations drawn in for clarity. Most maps include a few major constellations featured in the image, the hand color emphasizing their designs. Other constellations are shown in outline, but without color. The maps are beautifully done and the atlas earned the honor of being allowed to be dedicated to King George IV.

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ChartMajor ConstellationsPrice
IVAuriga vel Marcab and Telescopium Herscelii$250
VIIBootes, Canes Venatici and Coma Berenicas$250
XVulpecula Delphinus, Sagitta, Aquila, and Antinous$250
XICygnus, Lacerta & Lyra$250


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