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Mercator: Ireland (southern)
Mercator-Hondius. "Hibernia v. Tabula." [Southern Ireland]. Amsterdam: Jodocus Hondius, 1608. 5 1/2 x 7 1/4 (platemarks) plus full margins. Engraving. Hand color. From Mercator's Atlas Minor. Koeman, Me 187. Fine condition and very attractive.

The map is attractively decorated with mannerist cartouches for the title and scale of miles. The seas are decorated with "shot silk" pattern. The numerous cities and towns identified and topographic information is surprising for a map of this small size. $475

Rocque Ireland
Rocque Ireland
John Rocque. "A Map of the Kingdom of Ireland, Divided into Provinces Counties and Baronies, Shewing The Archbishopricks, Bishopricks, Cities, Boroughs, Market Towns, Villages, Barracks, Mountains, Lakes, Bogs, Rivers, Bridges, Ferries, Passes; Also the Great, the Branch, & the By Post Roads, together with the Inland Navigation &c. by J: Rocque. Chorographer to His Majesty." London: Laurie & Whittle, 12th May, 1794. 48 1/2 x 38. Four sheets joined as two top and bottom halves. Engraving. Original outline color. Good margins. Excellent condition.

One of the largest maps ever produced of Ireland, this stunning cartographic document provides an amazing amount of information on the Emerald Isle, an impressive listing of which is contained in the title. The map was drawn by John (or Jean) Rocque, a Huguenot surveyor and engraver who worked in London from 1734 to 1762. The large size and precise engraving make this map easy to read and a font of information. An elaborately etched title cartouche appears in the top left corner, showing a water nymph lying by a stream, in which a pair of cattle stand. A wonderful eighteenth century Irish artifact. $1,850

Mitchell 1849 Ireland

"Ireland." From A New Universal Atlas. Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, 1849. 12 x 9 1/2. Lithograph transfer from engraved plate. Original hand-coloring. Full margins. Light spot at top right margin, just into neat line. Otherwise, very good condition.

A strong map of Ireland from S. Augustus Mitchell. For much of the middle part of the nineteenth century, the Mitchell firm dominated American cartography in output and influence. S. Augustus Mitchell Jr.'s maps of the 1860s are probably the best known issues of this firm, but his father's earlier efforts are excellent maps derived from H.S. Tanner's atlas of the 1830s. This map of Ireland is a good example of this work. Topographical information is clearly presented and towns, lakes, roads, and other information is shown and named. Political divisions are indicated with contrasting pastel shades. $325

Sidney Hall. "Ireland." From Black's General Atlas. Edinburgh: A. & C. Black, 1850. 19 1/8 x 15 1/2. Steel engraving. Original hand outline color. Excellent condition.

From a series of precisely detailed maps of the world from one of the leading British mapmaking firms of the nineteenth century. Adam and Charles Black issued atlases from the 1840s through the 80s, keeping their maps as current as possible. Note the progress of railroads out of Dublin. This handsome map is a good example of their output. $225

John Bartholomew. Philips' Handy Atlas of the Counties of Ireland. Revised by P.W. Joyce. London: George Philip & Son, [1881]. 12mo. with 33 double page color maps showing Ireland and the baronies of each county, plus index, and advertisements. Gilt decorated green cloth, beveled boards.

The third generation of the Edinburgh based Bartholomew line of geographers, engravers and publishers, John Bartholomew Jr. (1831-1893) was the son of John Bartholomew Sr. (1805-1861) and grandson of George B. Bartholomew (1784-1871).

George Philip (1800-1882) was a cartographer and publisher who in 1834 started his own business in Liverpool producing maps and educational books. His son George (1823-1902) was admitted to the business in 1848, and the firm later opened in London. First producing hand-tinted copper plate maps by cartographers such as the elder John Bartholomew, August Petermann and William Hughes, by the time Philip produced his county maps beginning in 1862, he was using machine colored maps produced on power-driven lithographic presses. The firm also supplied atlases and textbooks overseas, starting with an atlas for Australian schools in 1865 and for New Zealand in 1869. The demand from boarding schools, established after 1870, enabled further expansion in the market for general textbooks, school stationery, atlases and wall maps. $275


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