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Little Rock Arsenal
"City and Garrison of Fort Smith, Arkansas" and "United States Arsenal At Little Rock, Arkansas, Surrendered to the State Troops, February, 1861." From Harper's Weekly. New York, March 9, 1861. 9 x 13 3/4.

Arkansas, though a slave state, did not secede from the Union until May, 1861, but after the election of Lincoln there was considerable sentiment against the federal government. The Federal Army had a small garrison at the Little Rock arsenal, which was resented by many. Early in February, armed men from around the state began to gather in Little Rock to demand the surrender of the arsenal, threatening to take it by force if necessary. Governor Henry Rector convinced the arsenal's commander, Capt. James Totten, to surrender and the arsenal was taken over by state troops. Blood shed was avoided for the time being, but things were getting tense around the country. This print shows the federal garrison at Fort Smith and the arsenal at Little Rock. $30

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