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Herbst butterflies

Butterflies by Carl Gustav Jablonsky & Johann F.W. Herbst


Prints from Carl Gustav Jablonsky & Johann F.W. Herbstís Natursystem aller bekannten in-und ausländischen Insecten. Berlin, Pauli Reimer, 1783+. Engravings. Excellent original hand color. Very good condition.

A series of attractive prints from a rare and superbly illustrated work on exotic and European butterflies. Carl Gustav Jablonsky (1756-1787) was a naturalist who was also private secretary to the Queen of Prussia. Jablonsky died unexpectedly at the age of 31, and the writing and editing of the text fell to his colleague, Johann F. W. Herbst (1743-1807), a German naturalist and entomologist. The plates were designed mostly by Jablonsky, with some by Krüger of Berlin. The engravers are the same ones as those working for Marcus Elieser Blochís Histoire Naturelle Des Poissons, primarily Ludwig Schmidt. This work on butterflies is one of the most attractively illustrated entomological works of the period, with brilliant coloring and fine engraving. A sequel was published to this work dealing with coleoptera, and these sets form a fine monument to the skill and knowledge of Jablonsky.

Plate XVI
Tab. XVI. Fig. 1. Pap. Eq. Alphenor; Fig. 2. Pap. Eq. Tr. Alcandor. $325
Herbst XVII
Tab. XVII. Fig 1.2. Pap. Eq. Tr. Glaucus; Fig. 3.4. Pap. Eq. Tr. Troilus. $375
Herbst: XXXVI
Tab. XXXVI. Fig. 1.2. Pap. Eq. Ach. Aegistus; Fig. 3.4. Pap. Eq. Ach. Demoleus. Fig. 5.6. Pap. Eq. Ach. Erythenius. $350
Herbst: XLIX
Tab. XLIX. Fig. 1.2. Pap. Eq. Ach. Demolion; Fig. 3.4. Pap. Eq. Ach. Ruthus. Fig. 5.6. Pap. Eq. Ach. Pompilius. $350
Herbst: LXIX
Tab. LXIX. Fig. 1.2. Pap. Helio. Ceres; Fig. 3. Pap. Helio. Polymnia; Fig. 4. Pap. Helio. Egina; Fig. 5.6. Pap. Helio. Habella; Fig. 7. Pap. Helio. Mneme. $375
Herbst: LXXI
Tab. LXXI. Fig. 1.2. Pap. Helio. Silvana; Fig. 3.4. Pap. Helio. Laja; Fig. 5.6. Pap. Helio. Amphione; Fig. 7. Pap. Helio. Andremona; Fig. 8. Pap. Helio. Udalrica. $375
Herbst: LXXIII
Tab. LXXIII. Fig. 1. Pap. Helio. Phÿllis; Fig. 2.3. Pap. Helio. Thales; Fig. 4. Pap. Helio. Erÿthrea; Fig. 5. Pap. Helio. Erato; Fig. 6. Pap. Helio. Vesta. $375
Herbst: pl. XCIX
Tab. XCIX. Pap. Dan. cand. Fig. 1.2. Cloris; Fig. 3.4. Ej. foem; Fig. 5.6. Epaphia; Fig. 7.8. Isse; Fig. 9.10. Ej. foem. $350
Herbst: CXXV
Tab. CXXV. Pap. Consules. Fig.1.2. Lotis; Fig. 3.4. Melissa; Fig. 5. Aglea. $350
Herbst: pl. CXXVI
Tab. CXXVI. Pap. Consules. Fig. 1. Cleona; Fig 2.3. Dissimilis; Fig. 4.5. Assimilis. $350
Herbst: CLXXXV
Tab. CLXXXV. Pap. Prætores. Fig 1.2. Evadne; Fig. 3.4. Clueria; Fig. 5.6. Tolumnia. $275
Tab. CCXXXII. Pap. Vestales. Fig. 1. Osinia; Fig 2.3. Philocta mas.; Fig. 4. Ej. foem.; Fig. 5. Tymeta; Fig. 6. Rosina. $225
Herbst: CCLV
Tab. CCLV. Pap. Milites. Fig. 1.2. Cybele; Fig. 3.4. Myrinus; Fig. 5.6. Egistus. $275
Herbst: pl. CCLIX
Tab. CCLIX. Pap. Milites. Fig. 1.2. Hegesius; Fig 3.4. Hostilius; Fig. 5.6. Fatimus mas.; Fig. 7.8. Fatimus foem. $275
Herbst: CCLXIV
Tab. CCLXIV. Pap. Milites. Fig 1.2. Lathonia Variet. 3; Fig. 3.4. Lathonia Variet. 4; Fig. 5.6. Aglaja mas.; Fig. 7.8. Aglaja foem.; Fig. 9.10. Aglaja Variet. $275
Herbst: CCLXV
Tab. CCLXV. Pap. Milites. Fig. 1.2. Adippe mas.; Fig. 3.4. Adippe foem.; Fig. 5. Ej. Variet. 1.; Fig. 6. Ej. Variet. 2.; Fig. 7.8. Ej. Variet. 3. $275
Herbst: pl. CCLXVI
Tab. CCLXVI. Pap. Milites. Fig. 1. Adippe Var. 4; Fig 2. Var. 5; Fig. 3.4. Var. 6; Fig. 5.6. Var. 7; Fig. 7.8. Sÿrinx mas.; Fig. 9.10. Ej. foem. $275
Tab. CCLXXIV. Pap. Milites. Fig. 1.2. Ino mas.; Fig. 3.4. Ino foem.; Fig. 5.6. Hecate mas.; Fig. 7.8. Hecate foem.; Fig. 9.10. Euclea. $250
Tab. CCLXXXI. Pap. Milites. Fig. 1.2. Athalia Variet. 3.; Fig. 3.4. Athalia Variet. 4.; Fig. 5.6. Athalia Variet. 5.; Fig. 7.8. Titania Variet. $250
Herbst: CCCV
Tab. CCCV. Pap. Ephori. Fig. 1.2. Echion; Fig. 3.4. Boeticus foem.; Fig. 5. Boeticus mas.; Fig. 6.7. Telicanus mas.; Fig. 8.9. Telicanus foem. $250
Herbst: CCCVI
Tab. CCCVI. Pap. Ephori. Fig. Quercus.; Fig. 5.6.7. Amÿntas; Fig. 8.9.10. Tiresias. $225
Tab. CCCVIII. Pap. Cives. Fig. 1.2. W. album; Fig. 3.4. Acaciae; Fig. 5.6. Rubi; Fig. 7.8. Arion. $225
Herbst: CCCX
Tab. CCCX. Pap. Cives. Fig. 1.2.3. Acis; Fig. 4.5.6. Argiolus; Fig. 7.8.9. Damon. $225
Herbst: CCCXII
Tab. CCCXII. Pap. Cives. Fig. 1.2. Nanus; Fig. 3.4. Ubaldus; Fig. 7.8. Adonis mas.; Fig. 9. Adonis foem.; Fig. 10.11.12. Icarus. $225
Tab. CCCXVII. Pap. Cives. Fig. 1.2. Mantus; Fig. 3.4. Epulus; Fig. 5.6. Hebrus; Fig. 7.8. Tespis; Fig. 9. Avius. $225
Herbst: CCCX
Tab. CCCXVIII. Pap. Cives. Fig. 1.2. Acanthus; Fig. 3. Cleonus; Fig. 4. Ceneus; Fig. 5.6. Philemon; Fig. 7.8. Thelephus; Fig. 9.10. Emylius. $225
Herbst: CCCXX
Tab. CCCXX. Pap. Cives. Fig. 1.2. Lagus.; Fig. 3. Misenes; Fig. 4. Actoris; Fig. 5. Abaris; Fig. 6.7. Cassius; Fig. 8.9. Isarchus; Fig. 10.11. Talus. $250
Tab. CCCXXII. Pap. Cives. Fig. 1.2.3. Crispus; Fig. 4. Arius; Fig. 5.6. Evander; Fig. 7. Thassus; Fig. 8.9. Crotopus; Fig. 10.11. Ej. mas. $250

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