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Ehret Arum pl. 56

Georg Dionysius Ehret's engravings
for Christopher Jacob Trew's
Plantae Selectae....


Georg Dionysius Ehret. From Christopher Jacob Trew. Plantae Selectae.... Nuremberg, 1750-73. Folio. Sheet size: 20 5/8 x 14 1/8"; plate marks: ca. 16 x 10". Engravings. Fine original hand-coloring. Overall very good condition unless noted.

Magnificent floral prints by Georg Ehret, "the dominant influence in botanical art during the middle years of the eighteenth century." If ever there is a story of success based on talent it is the story of Ehret's career. Born to a humble Heidelberg farmer, he worked his way from obscurity and penury into the most prominent botanical circles in Germany and London. His patrons and friends were, among others, Sir Hans Sloane and Philip Miller and the famed Swedish botanist, Linnæus, with whom Ehret noted he was "the best of friends." In Nuremberg, the wealthy and influential Dr. Trew was Ehret's most important patron. We owe Trew a particular debt of gratitude for sponsoring so much of Ehret's work.

What sets Ehret apart in this talented and dense period of botanical illustration, is the combined subtlety and boldness of his illustrations. His plants are rendered in great detail- structure, seeds, variation in texture and color. But at the same time, there is no want of immediate impact and artistic genius to make these some of the most stunning and choice botanical prints available. These are prints for both the collector and the lover of sheer beauty.


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