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Lithographs by Ehrgott, Forbriger & Co. Cincinnati, late 1862 to early 1864. Uncolored, except as noted.

Perhaps in late 1861, but certainly by mid-1862, the Cincinnati lithographic firm of Ehrgott, Forbriger & Co. began to issue a series of portraits of Civil War figures: politicians as well as military and naval officers. As discussed in Milt Kaplan's "Heads of States" (Winterthur Portfolio 6. Charlottesville, 1970 Pp. 135-150), prints of different figures share the same, or very similar backgrounds, with the identical horses, landscapes, troops, ships, desks, and so forth. We have recorded 52 different military figures, appearing in 62 different images, sharing fifteen backgrounds (six of which have variations, for a total of 27 distinct backgrounds).

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