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Dugmore: Bull Moose on Edge of PondSPACER Dugmore: Wood ducksSPACER Dugmore: Bighorn sheep

Prints by Arthur Radclyffe Dugmore (1870-1955)

Arthur Radclyffe Dugmore, an artist who flourished in New York, was a pioneering American wildlife photographer, painter, and printmaker who turned from hunting to capturing his subjects on paper and canvas. Dugmore travelled to Kenya on photo-safari in 1909-1910, and twice to Newfoundland, in 1907 and 1913. The artist wrote and illustrated works including The Vast Sudan, 1924; Camera Adventures in the African Wilds, 1913; The Romance of the Newfoundland Caribou, 1913; and In the Heart of the Northern Forests, published in 1930. Dugmore was the subject of a 1931 biography by Thomas Lowell entitled Rolling Stone: The Life and Adventures of Arthur Radclyffe Dugmore.

All prints are etchings on fine laid China paper, pencil signed "A. Radclyffe Dugmore" and initialed in the plate, "AR". All are in excellent condition with full margins except where noted. Dimensions given are for plate size.

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