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Sixteenth Century Images of the New World

Volume IV, V, & VI of Theodor De Bry's Grand Voyages


Illustrations after Joannes Stradanus. From Girolamo Benzoni's Americae...,Insignis & Admiranda Historia de reperta primum Occidentali India... Frankfurt: Johann Theodor De Bry, 1594-1619. Second German edition. Engravings with letter press. Narrow margins as issued. Very good condition.

These prints, illustrations of early events in the contact between Europeans and Native Americans, are based on Girolamo Benzoni's history of the Spanish in the New World. Benzoni, an Italian, spent fifteen years wandering around the Spanish territories of Central and South America and much of his account is based on his direct experiences. His history was first published in 1565, and this was the source which De Bry used for his edition. De Bry's work included engraved illustrations after Joannes Stradanus. These prints were very influential in establishing the image of the New World in the minds of readers in Europe. As Michael Alexander said, De Bry's work "brought to the European public the first realistic visualization of the exotic world opened up across the Atlantic by the explorers, conquerors and settlers." (Discovering the New World, p. 7). These prints offer some of the earliest images of the sixteenth century events that changed forever the world of both the Amerindians and Europeans.

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The Spanish in the New World



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