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Maps by William Darton
for Walker's Geography, 1802

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Maps by William Darton, Jr. From Atlas to Walker's Geography. London: Vernor and Hood, etc., 1802. Ca. 7 1/4 x 8 1/2, except as noted. Engravings. Original outline color. Very good condition, except as noted.

William Darton, Sr. started his mapmaking business in 1787 in London, and thus began a cartographic publishing house that would last, in various manifestations, until the 1860s. William Darton, Jr. joined his father late in the eighteenth century and these are maps engraved by him for Walker's Geography. While not large, the maps contain an impressive amount of detail carefully presented. The information used was the best available in London at the beginning of the nineteenth century, meaning the best in the world, so these maps are not only attractive, but provide an excellent cartographic picture of the world at the time.


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