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Osborne Cross' Expedition

Views along the Oregon Trail
from Osborne Cross' expedition

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Views from Osborne Cross' A Report...of the March of the Regiment of Mounted Riflemen to Oregon, from May 10th to October 5th , 1849. Washington, 1850. Lithographs. Unless noted, ca. 4 x 7 1/2. Very good condition. Denver.

An excellent series of early views along the Oregon Trail from the expedition of Osborne Cross. Cross, born in Prince George County, Maryland, in 1803, had the duties of commanding the supply train on the first U.S. military expedition to travel the full length of the Oregon Trail from Ft. Leavenworth to Ft. Vancouver. Cross and the Regiment of Mounted Riflemen were commissioned to retrace many of the steps of John C. Frémont, who had traveled much of the route about 5 years earlier. The views contained in Cross's report are greater in number than in the Frémont report and are of equally high quality, utilizing the talents of several different artists, such as J. Schutz, who went on to do exceptional work with Currier and Ives. These are intriguing very early illustrations of what was then a little-known land.


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