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(T26) Ground Dove (T37) Bahama Sparrow

Bird prints by Mark Catesby
From the First Natural History of American Flora and Fauna


Prints by Mark Catesby. From Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands,.... London: [1731-43]. First and second edition. Folio. Etchings. Full original hand coloring. As is typical of any eighteenth century print, many of the following have some very minor blemishes, including small chips, slight foxing and slight surface stains. Overall, the prints are in very good condition with fine original color. Please call to verify condition of any particular print you are interested in.

(T4) Swallow-Tailed Hawk (Kite). $2,600
(T10) The Parrot of Paradise of Cuba. (Cuban Parrot) $5,700
(T18) The Gold Winged Woodpecker (Northern Flicker) $2,350
(T26) Ground Dove [Illustrated top left] $2,100
(T33) Large Lark (Eastern Meadowlark) $1,900

(T37) Bahama Sparrow (Black-faced Grassquit). [Illustrated top right] $2,400
(T40) Purple Grossbeak $2,200
(T41) Purple Finch. $1,750
(T54) Red Eyed and little Brown Flycatcher (Eastern Wood-Pewee/ Red-eyed Vireo). $1,750
(T59) The Bahama Titmouse. (Bananaquit) $2,800

(T63) Yellow Titmouse (Yellow Warbler). $2,400
(T64) Finch Creeper (Northern Parula). $2,400
(T78) Brown Bittern (Yellow-crowned Night Heron) $3,200
(T83) The Brown Curlew (White Ibis) $3,200
(T87) Booby (Brown Booby). $2,800

(T92) Canada Goose. $1,950
(T95) The Buffel's Head Duck $2,800


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