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Battle of Belmont

Early in the autumn, the Confederates had moved into Columbus, Kentucky, and General Ulysses S. Grant, in response, moved his troops to Paducah. Fearing Confederate thrusts into Missouri, which lay just across the Mississippi River from Columbus, in early November Grant sailed downriver to attack the Confederate forces that had crossed to the small town of Belmont, Missouri, opposite Columbus.

On November 7th, the Battle of Belmont commenced with Grant's troops forcing the Confederates back towards the river. The Union forces, considering the battle won, started to loot, but soon reinforcements from the main Confederate encampment attacked back across the river, including some troops to Grant's rear, supported by considerable cannon fire from the high banks around Columbus. Grant was forced to retreat under fire, remarking that "we must cut our way out as we cut our way in." He was able to bring almost all his troops out, being the last to board the transports back to his base in Paducah.

Battle of Belmont
Bill Travis. "The Battle of Belmont--Charge of Colonel Dougherty, Twenty-Second Illinois Regiment, Upon the Rebel Batteries." From Harper's Weekly. New York, December 7, 1861. 9 1/4 x 13 3/4. Wood engraving. Very good condition.

An excellent image of the battle, including a dramatic charge of Colonel Doughterty's troops against the Confederate encampment. Also included are two scenes showing the river, one with the Union ships being shelled, and a small map of the location. Issued just a month after the battle. $50

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