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Battle of Hanover Court House


As the Union army began to close around Richmond, McClellan believed reinforcements would be marching south from Fredericksburg to strengthen his right flank. He thus decided to send General Fitz John Porter to take up a flanking position on the right, thus neutralizing a Confederate position around Hanover Court House under Colonel Lawrence O'Bryan. The two forces met on May 27th, 1862 in the Battle of Hanover Court House. The battle was poorly managed on both sides, but the out-manned Confederates were forced to withdraw and McClellan secured his right flank.

Hanover Court House
"The Army of the Potomac--Commencement of the Battle of Hanover Court House, 1.45 P.M.--the Enemy on the Hill in the Distance." From Harper's Weekly. New York, June 21, 1862. 9 x 13 3/4. Very good condition.

A detailed view of the battle "From Sketches by an Officer who was Present." As this was drawn by a army officer, and not a Harper's employee, it took longer to get from field to the newspaper, appearing about a month after the battle. $45

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