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Quadruped Prints by John James Audubon
From the first octavo edition


Prints from John James Audubon and the Reverend John Bachman's The Quadrupeds of North America. New York: V.G. Audubon, 1849. First edition. Royal octavo. Ca. 5 1/4 x 8 1/4. Lithographs, printed with color and finished by hand. Full margins. Very good condition, except as noted.

John James Audubon, perhaps the most famous of American ornithologists, is undeservedly less well known for his wonderful work depicting The Quadrupeds of North America. With the success of his Birds of America, Audubon was inspired to do the same sort of work on the animals, with the assistance of his son, John Woodhouse Audubon. This resulted in the publication of the folio edition of The Viviparous Quadrupedsof North America, illustrating 150 species. As with the work on ornithology, this volume was later issued in octavo size, making it accessible to the general public.

1Common American Wild-catNA
2Maryland Marmot. Woodchuck. Groundhog.NA
3Townsend's Rocky Mountain Hare$250
4Florida Rat$90
5Richardson's Columbian Squirrel. $150
6American Cross Fox. NA
7Carolina Grey SquirrelNA
8Chipping Squirrel, HackeeNA
9Parry's Marmot Squirrel$150


10Common American Shrew MoleNA
11Northern Hare (Summer pelage)NA
12Northern Hare (Winter)$225
13Musk Rat - Musquash$150
14Hudson's Bay Squirrel; Chickaree-Red SquirrelNA
15Oregon Flying Squirrel$175
16Canada Lynx (Male)$525
17Cat Squirrel$250
18Marsh Hare$250
19Soft Haired SquirrelNA

Downy Squirrel

20Townsend's Ground Squirrel$75
21Gray FoxNA
22Grey Rabbit. Old & Young.$250
23Black Rat. Old & Young.$150
24Four striped Ground Squirrel$175
25Downy Squirrel$175
27Long Haired Squirrel$175
28Common Flying SquirrelNA
29Rocky Mountain Neotoma$75


30Cotton Rat$125
31Collared Peccary
32Polar Hare$250
34Black Squirrel. NA
35Migratory Squirrel$175
36Canada Porcupine$195
37Swamp Hare$250
38Red Bellied Squirrel$175
39Leopard Spermophile$115

Common American Skunk

40White Footed Mouse$135
41Pennant's Marten or Fisher$140
42Common American SkunkNA
43Hare SquirrelNA
44Canada Pouched Rat$75
45Wilson's Meadow MouseNA
46American BeaverNA
47American Badger$175
48Douglass Squirrel$150
49Douglasses Spermophile$90

American Bison

50Richardson's Spermophile$90
51Canada Otter$250
52Swift Fox$275
53Texan Skunk$125
54Brown or Norway Rat$125
55Red-tailed Squirrel. NA
56American Bison or Buffalo$875
57American Bison or Buffalo (male, female, young)$725
58Orange-bellied Squirrel$145
59White Weasel Stoat$90


60Bridled Weasel$85
62American Elk, Wapiti DeerNA
63Black-tailed Hare$275
64Little American Brown Weasel$95
65Little Harvest Mouse$225
66Virginian OpossumNA
67Black American WolfNA
68Fox Squirrel$175
69Common Star-Nose Mole$90

White Wolf

70Say's Least Shrew$75
71Prairie Wolf [Coyote]$350
72White American Wolf$275
73Rocky Mountain Sheep$475
74Brewer's Shrew Mole$75
75Carolina Shrew$85
76Moose Deer$550
77Prong-Horned Antelope$350
78Black-Tailed Deer$125
79Annulated Marmot Squirrel$65


80Leconte's Pine Mouse$75
81Common American Deer. Fawn.$950
82Red Texan Wolf$525
83Little Chief Hare$95
84Franklin's Marmot Squirrel$125
85Jumping Mouse$95
86Ocelot or Leopard-Cat$550
87American Red Fox$325
88Worm-wood Hare$250
89Say's Squirrel$175

Common Mouse

90Common MouseNA
91Polar BearNA
92Texan Lynx$275
93Black Footed Ferret$125
94Nuttall's HareNA
95Orange Colored Mouse$100
96The CougarNA
97The Cougar. Female and young.NA
98Ring-Tailed Bassaris$150
99Prairie Dog, Prairie Marmot Squirrel
With small spot in sky.


100Missouri Mouse$110
101The JaguarNA
102Large Tailed Skunk$350
103Hoary Marmot. The Whistler.$200
104Collies Squirrel$125
105Columbia Pouched Rat$85
106Columbian Black-Tailed Deer$475
107Lewis' Marmot$75
108Bachman's Hare$250
109Mexican Marmot-Squirrel. Adult male and young.

Musk Ox

110Mole-Shaped Pouched Rat$75
111Musk Ox$225
112Californian Hare$250
113Esquimaux Dog$150
114Say's Marmot Squirrel$85
115Yellow-Cheeked Meadow Mouse$75
116American Black or Silver FoxNA
117Dusky Squirrel$125
118Long-tailed Deer$225
119Hudson's Bay Lemming$85

Arctic Fox

120Tawny Lemming; Back's Lemming$85
121Arctic Fox$250
122Canada Otter$200
123The Sewellel$65
124Mountain Brook Mink$150
125American Marsh Shrew$75
126Caribou or American Rein Deer$375
127Cinnamon BearNA
128Rocky Mountain Goat$175
129Northern Meadow Mouse$80

Sea Otter

130Pouched Jerboa Mouse$75
131Grizzly BearNA
132Hare-Indian DogNA
133Texian HareNA
135Richardson's Meadow Mouse$85
136Common or Virginian Deer$475
137Sea Otter$195
138Pine Marten$125
139Large-tailed Spermophile$75


140Little Nimble Weasel$75
141American Black BearNA
142Camas Rat$75
143Severn River Flying Squirrel;
Rocky Mountain Flying Squirrel.
144Townsend's Arvicola;
Sharp-nosed Arvicola; Bank Rat
145Townsend's Shrew Mole$75
146Nine-banded ArmadilloNA
147American Souslik; Oregon Meadow
Mouse; Texan Meadow Mouse
148Tawny Weasel$95
149Fremont's Squirrel; Sooty Squirrel$145

Crab-eating Racoon

150Southern Pouched Rat; Dekay's Shrew;
Long-Nosed Shrew; Silvery Shrew Mole
151Jackall FoxNA
152Weasel-like Squirrel; Large Louisiana Black Squirrel$125
153Col. Abert's Squirrel; California Grey Squirrel. NA
154Harris' Marmot Squirrel;
California Meadow Mouse
155Crab-eating RacoonNA


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