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Architectural Prints

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Domenico de Rossi

Domenico de Rossi. From Studio d'architettura civile . . di Roma... Three volumes. Rome: 1702-21. Folio. Each ca. 15 x 10, unless indicated otherwise. Engravings. Very good condition.

Architectural details illustrating secular and religious buildings constructed in Rome in the 16th and 17th centuries. Excellent examples of contemporary and near-contemporary records of Baroque architecture, these precise engravings show the styles recently constructed.

Rossi Pl. 46
46. Una della .... Chiesa di Sta. Agnese in Piazza Navona. $325
Rossi Pl. 29b.
29b. Spaccato della Chiesa della Madonna di Monte Santo Nella Piazza del Popolo. $325
Rossi Pl. 60
60. Deposito del Duca Lorenzo de Medici.. Michel Angelo Buonarroti. $325

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Batty Langley

From The Builder's Chest Book, or a Compleat Key to the Five Orders of Columns in Architecture. Engraved by Thomas Langley. London: S. Harding, 1739. Quarto. Very good condition.


From The City and Country Builder's and Workman's Treasury of Designs: Or the Art of Drawing and Working The Ornamental Parts of Architecture. By B. Langley. London: S. Harding, 1741. Quarto. Engravings by Thomas Langley. Very good condition.

From a practical manual of nearly 200 plates for builders and workmen, these handsome engravings illustrate doors, windows niches, chimney pieces, pulpits, altar pieces, monuments, obelisks, ceilings, iron works, decorative floors, tables, buffets, book cases, plans for roofs, et al. These images show the five classical orders of columns according to Andrea Palladio: Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite, as well as many other architectural forms and designs for ornamentation.

Fine, clear and classical, these engravings are delightful and informative to the artist, architect, designer and student as well as the amateur of ornament.

Corinthian gate
XXIV. Corinthian Gate. $125
LIX. Cisterns for Buffets. $75
Dressing Table
CLVI. Dressing Table. $125

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Giovanni B. Piranesi

Giovanni Battista Piranesi. From Le Antichita Romane. Rome: First Paris Edition, 1800-7. Etching. Excellent condition.

Piranesi (1720-78) is renowned for his splendid views of ancient and modern Rome. In a life time dedicated to recording these magnificent buildings and mysterious ruins, he created a prodigious oeuvre of dramatic and moving images. The large scale Vedute di Roma is one of the best known and most extensive series, and the one that established Piranesi's reputation. Where much of his earlier work, namely the Grotteschi and the Carceri, was more fantastic in subject matter, these views were meant to be careful delineations of principal sites. As such, they became very sought after souvenirs for tourists in Rome. As examples of Piranesi's artistic prowess they are powerful renderings of great architectural and sculptural monuments. Piranesi's Roman views are unmistakable and unrivaled architectural prints.

Villa of Maecenas, Interior
"Veduta interna della Villa di Mecenate in Tivoli." Interior view of the Villa di Mecenate at Tivoli. [The so-called villa of Mæcenas at Tivoli.] Hind: 73, II. 16 7/8 x 23 3/4. Signed, lower l. margin: Piranesi F. Etching. On laid paper, no watermark. Wide margins. Strong impression. $1,400

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Jean François de Neufforge

Jean François de Neufforge. From Recueil Élémentaire D'Architecture qui Représente Divers Exemples d'Églises et Chapelles;... Paris: J.F. de Neufforge, 1767. Folio. Laid paper. Copper engraving by J.F. de Neufforge. Excellent condition.

From a group of handsome architectural studies and details drawn, engraved and published by J.F. de Neufforge. These are classically decorative images of building façades and plans, garden plans, drawings for fountains, gates and other architectural details. Each engraving demonstrates a balance between the simple lines of classic Greco-Roman architecture and the fine ornament and detail prevalent in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. These delightful, delicately engraved prints are fine examples of the decoration of the period immediately preceding the American and French Revolutions.

Neufforge Pl. 34
  • 34. Plan et Élévation d'un Portique .., de Portes et de Niches $275
  • Plate 533
  • 533. Développement de l'Entablement Corinthien..., $250
  • Neufforge Pl. 162
  • 162. VIe Développement pour un Bâtiment..., $250
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    Palliser's Useful Details

    George and Charles Palliser. From Palliser's Useful Details. Bridgeport, Connecticut and New York: Palliser, Palliser & Co., ca. 1880. Approx. 20 x 26. Lithographs. Many backed on rice paper. Some with chipping in margins. Otherwise, good condition.

    In the early 1870s, the Palliser brothers, George and Charles, were designing houses for P.T. Barnum in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Expanding their business, and augmenting the already existing market for plan books, they began selling their architectural designs by mail. Working from a group of basic designs, the customer would choose the plan he preferred, and complete a questionnaire, sending along with it the fee for the complete plans. The Pallisers would modify the basic plan to suit the customer's needs, refer it to the customer for comments and changes, then working with those suggestions, submit a complete and detailed building plan. The brothers advertised the availability of their plans through the twenty or so books they published between 1876 and 1908, of which Useful Details was the most popular. These interesting and detailed prints are enduring examples of the ingenuity and foresight of George Palliser and his brother Charles. They are milestone artifacts for the history of American architecture.

    Palliser Pl. 1
    Plate 1. Entrance Gate. $250
    Palliser Pl. 7
    Plate 7. Store. $225
    Palliser Pl. 8
    Plate 8. Roof Gables. $225
    Palliser Pl. 18
    Plate 18. Gables.$225
    Palliser Pl. 20
    Plate 20. Gables, Roof. $175
    Palliser Pl. 28
    Plate 28. Bank Exterior. $250
    Palliser Pl. 32
    Plate 32. Barnum Building Façade. $250
    Palliser Pl. 37
    Plate 37. Conservatory, Church Frame. $225
    Palliser Pl. 38
    Plate 38. Grocery Store Interior. $225


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