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Henry Cuthbert Tunison. Tunison's Peerless, Universal Atlas of the World. Jacksonville, Illinois; New York City; London, Canada; San Francisco; Atlanta: H.C. Tunison, 1885. Folio. Hand colored, lithographed maps and text. 208pp. Original buckram covers, gold stamped front. Blind stamped back. Complete. In as good condition as possible.

A fascinating and varied atlas with very detailed maps and fine illustrations. Many statistics with the latest census being 1880 for the United States. Diagrams and the whole embellished with allegorical figures and other ornaments. Not in Phillips-LeGear. $1,200

John Codman Rope. An Atlas of the Campaign of Waterloo. Folio. New York: Scribner's, 1893. 2ll, 14 double page, hinged maps. Original black, cloth covers. Some bumps to boards; interior is excellent. Ex libris.

This atlas was designed to accompany Rope's Campaign of Waterloo-A Military History. From an initial map showing the entire theatre of the battle (northwest France and Belgium) to troop positions at hourly intervals. $275

A Descriptive Review of the Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Historical Development of the State of New York ... The Empire State ... Chicago & New York: George F. Cram, 1912. Folio. 304 pp. 8 maps of NY state, cities and counties; 94 single or double page maps and charts of the rest of the US and World. US history and indices to US and world maps. Very good condition.

An interesting snapshot of New York and the rest of the world from the second decade of the 20th century. $225

George W. & Walter S. Bromley. Atlas of the City of Philadelphia 22nd Ward From Actual Surveys and Official Plans. Philadelphia: G.W. Bromley & Co., 1923. Folio, 23 x 17 1/4. Double page, linen-backed color Outline and Index Map with Legend, plus 35 tabbed, double page, linen-backed color maps. Cloth with gilt-lettered leather cover label. Shelf-worn from use in a real-estate office, but complete.

Starting about 1870, atlases of properties in and outside of Philadelphia began to be published by such firms as Bromley, Hopkins and Hexamer. Their output provides excellent, detailed images of the growth of the city of Philadelphia and the suburbs as well from the 1870s through the first part of the twentieth century. These atlases were used for planning, government purposes, and just for the information of citizens of the area. These atlases are also known as "railroad, real estate, and/or insurance" atlases and contain very accurate and detailed information such as streets, properties, parks, and other topographical and social features. Such information as property ownership, materials of construction, proposed developments, and so forth, are given with clear precision. These maps provide a rigorous and accurate picture of the locale at one point in history, and allow a unique privileged look at the past.

In addition to Philadelphia publications, George Washington Bromley (1853-1930) and his brother Walter Scott Bromley (1857-1927) also published atlases of Boston, New York and several other East Coast cities. Following the death of the Bromley brothers, the company concentrated its efforts on New York, where the final known imprint bearing the Bromley name was published in 1960.

This atlas, showing the neighborhoods of Germantown, Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill is especially interesting in that it was used as a working document in a real estate office. Therefore, it contains paste-overs as properties were developed, especially in the inter-war years. Also there are some marginal notations of property sales and several newspaper clippings. Altogether this is a fascinating overview of northwest Philadelphia in the first half of the 20th century. $800

"Those Splendid Wall Maps That Fold"

American Geographical Institute. The New World Series of School Maps. Syracuse: Empire New England Company, Inc., 1925. Six maps, dissected and backed on linen. Each map ca. 40 x 52. Folded into original case and with promotional material from the Empire New England Company. All maps with some chipping and wear. Overall very good, except for South America, which has some color lines and stains, but still good condition.

A wonder set of six school maps with the original case in which they were issued. The maps represent 1) The World, 2) North America, 3) South American, 4) Africa, 5) Pacific Ocean, and 6) New York State. As stated in one of the promotional flyers included, the world went through many changes during World War I, "There has never been a greater need for new wall maps for school use than at the present time. The changes wrought by the World War have been so extensive that old maps present a world totally different from the world of to-day." Another flyer lists the changes reflected in the maps, "A New World - A Changed World Re-Mapped In This Fine Series." One of the flyers calls for a different group of maps, but probably these cases were put together differently for different regions, so that this case includes unmentioned maps the Pacific Ocean and New York, but lack some of the others. The maps have boldly presented information, focusing on economic trade, political boundaries, and colonial dominion. A wonderful and unusual picture of the world just post WW I. $550

Atlas of Montgomery County, Maryland. Volume 1. Lansdale, PA.: F.H.M. Klingle, 1959. Folio. Cover and interior in very good condition. $600

Baist's Real Estate Atlas of Surveys of Washington, District of Columbia. Philadelphia & Hatboro, PA: R.H. Baist, 1945-1965. Folio. Maps backed on linen as issued. Covers and interiors in very good condition.

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