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Atlas To Accompany Chambers's Encyclopædia. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1869. Quarto. Cloth binding with wear at corners. Loose and with some torn cloth at hinges. 40 maps. Some maps with minor stains and browning. Overall, good condition. Phillips: 4351a.

A Philadelphia edition of the atlas issued to accompany the encyclopedia issued by the Edinburgh firm of W. & R. Chambers. The atlas includes historical and modern maps of the continents and major countries. This edition includes a map of the western U.S. and one of the eastern U.S. The maps show clear detail, with color used to distinguish political boundaries. $175
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G[riffith] M[organ] Hopkins. Atlas of Philadelphia and environs: from official records, private plans, and actual surveys based upon plans deposited in the Department of Surveys surveyed & published under the direction of G.M. Hopkins, C.E., 320 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, 1877. F. Bourquin Steam Lithographic Press, 31 South 6th Street, Philadelphia. Folio. Worn boards and spine; front hinge broken. Interior clean and complete (pp. 1-25, 28, 33-87; 50 colored maps). Includes historical sketch of Montgomery County. Moak, Atlases of Pennsylvania: 407.

Areas covered in this atlas:

Rand, McNally & Co. New Handy Atlas of the United States of America and Dominion and Canada. Chicago: Continental Publishing Co., 1884. Cloth. Octavo. Gold stamped title on cover is bright. Front cover is stained and minor warping. 128pp.

An early Rand, McNally & Co. atlas. As described in the title: "Containing New Colored Maps of Each State and Territory in the United States, with Special Maps of Provinces in the Dominion, together with full descriptive matter, Relative to the Topography, Climate, History, Population by Sex, Race and Color Etc., Etc.. Graphically illustrated by colored diagrams." Rand, McNally & Co. used cerography to make their maps (cf. Morse atlas above). $350

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