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American Atlases
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J[esse] Olney. A Practical Introduction to the Study of Geography, Embellished with Maps from Steel Plates and Engravings on Wood. New York: Pratt, Woodford, Farmar & Brace, 1855. 5 3/4 x 4 3/4. Ex Libris. Shelf worn. Hinges loose. Else, nice condition.

Jesse Olney (1798-1872) of Connecticut was a teacher, geographer and author. In 1828 he published the first edition of A Geography and Atlas, which over the years and editions became so popular that it outsold all similar school books except for Noah Webster’s Spelling Book.

This small volume, organized as lessons for children, contains eight attractive colored maps as well as dozens of small wood engraved scenes, including a very interesting chart of the location of various species of animals in the Western Hemisphere. $125

James Cornwell. A School Atlas. London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co., [1867-1871]. 6 7/8 x 4 1/4. Bound in green pebbled cloth with a paper label on front cover with engraved title. Very good condition.

James Cornwell (1812-1902) was a teacher, principal and author, renowned for being among those who devised modern school books having simplicity of style and practical usefulness. He published works on grammar, arithmetic and geography.

This Atlas consists of thirty beautifully executed small maps on steel, most with original outline hand color, and in which could be found every place mentioned in Cornwell’s School Geography, first published in 1847. It also contains a list of several hundred places, with their latitude and longitude. These names are accented, and, in some cases, the pronunciation is also given.

Interesting in this edition of the Atlas is the map of "Prussia, the North German Confederation and South German States," as the North German Confederation was created in 1866 but subsequently absorbed into the new German empire in 1871. $150

Atlas To Accompany Chambers's Encyclopædia. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1869. Quarto. Cloth binding with wear at corners. Loose and with some torn cloth at hinges. 40 maps. Some maps with minor stains and browning. Overall, good condition. Phillips: 4351a.

A Philadelphia edition of the atlas issued to accompany the encyclopedia issued by the Edinburgh firm of W. & R. Chambers. The atlas includes historical and modern maps of the continents and major countries. This edition includes a map of the western U.S. and one of the eastern U.S. The maps show clear detail, with color used to distinguish political boundaries. $175
[ Click here for images: World Map, South America Map ]

G[riffith] M[organ] Hopkins. Atlas of Philadelphia and environs: from official records, private plans, and actual surveys based upon plans deposited in the Department of Surveys surveyed & published under the direction of G.M. Hopkins, C.E., 320 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, 1877. F. Bourquin Steam Lithographic Press, 31 South 6th Street, Philadelphia. Folio. Worn boards and spine; front hinge broken. Interior clean and complete (pp. 1-25, 28, 33-87; 50 colored maps). Includes historical sketch of Montgomery County. Moak, Atlases of Pennsylvania: 407.

Areas covered in this atlas:

Bradstreet's Pocket Atlas Of The United States. This Edition Is Published For Macullar, Parker & Company Boston, Massachusetts. New York: The Bradstreet Company, 1880. 5 1/4 x 3 1/4. Leather covers, back nearly detached. Gold lettering. Shelf worn. Interior clean and tight.

Clothing manufacturer Macullar, Parker published this small handy atlas as a promotion to be distributed to its customers.

Maps are: the Cunard Ship lines across the Atlantic; the Thirteen Colonies of 1776; the United States; the 38 States and nine Territories that would compose the "Lower 48" ("Dakota" would become two states); plus Ontario and Quebec.

Also included are: advertisements for Macullar, Parker; points of "Business Law for Daily Use;" state by state "Taxes Governing Commercial Travelers;" a table of "Interest Laws" (per cents) of states and territories; a table of distances and time zones from Boston; Boston fire alarm telegraph regulations; Massachusetts legal holidays; 1870 populations of states and territories; populations of large cities in the world; a list of U.S. Presidents and Vice-Presidents plus one of English Kings and Queens; an abridgement of Post Office regulations; and other such information. $150

Rand, McNally & Co. New Handy Atlas of the United States of America and Dominion and Canada. Chicago: Continental Publishing Co., 1884. Cloth. Octavo. Gold stamped title on cover is bright. Front cover is stained and minor warping. 128pp.

An early Rand, McNally & Co. atlas. As described in the title: "Containing New Colored Maps of Each State and Territory in the United States, with Special Maps of Provinces in the Dominion, together with full descriptive matter, Relative to the Topography, Climate, History, Population by Sex, Race and Color Etc., Etc.. Graphically illustrated by colored diagrams." Rand, McNally & Co. used cerography to make their maps (cf. Morse atlas above). $350

John Brisben Walker. The Cosmopolitan Atlas of the World. New York and Irvington: Cosmopolitan Magazine, 1898. 56 pp. of maps. Quarto. Color. Title page and index of maps on front cover.

This atlas of Rand-McNally maps depicts the end of the Spanish-American War, the formal inclusion of many states in the North American west, and Oklahoma and Indian Territory, later combined into the state of Oklahoma. The prominence of maps of the Philippines and Cuba indicate American involvement outside the continental United States. Title and index are on the front cover. $325

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